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Welcome to the home of the KRLA Beat

What was The Beat all about?

The KRLA Beat was the earliest American newspaper dedicated to coverage of the top-forty rock-and-roll music scene...and we have a complete collection here for your reading pleasure.

The Beat featured exclusive interviews with singers, musicians, and producers as well as concert updates and record reviews. Columnists included Tony Barrow, the Beatles' publicist, and Derek Taylor, former assistant to Brian Epstein.

Our online collection has been assembled from private resources as well as copies donated by generous people around the country. You can read the entire run of the official newspaper, from February 25, 1965 to May 4, 1968.

We also have sixteen of the twenty known KRLA Beat newsletters issued as a give-away to KRLA fans and record stores around Southern California. These were published from October 1964 to February 1965.

To read about The Beat's history, hear a sample of KRLA airchecks, or explore individual issues, click any tab at the top of the page. If you run into any problems, please contact the webmaster for assistance. Archive issues are listed in chronological order.

We're missing just four newsletter-style issues from the KRLA Beat's earliest era. If you own one of these missing issues and can provide a photocopy from your own collection for scanning, please contact us.

We also have a collection of airchecks, taped copies of actual historical broadcasts, which you can listen to on your computer, iPad, or iPhone, as well as a blog, where periodic articles discuss the history of KRLA 1110, the Beat, and related topics. If you have airchecks or original taped broadcasts and would like to share, please let us know.

Update August 22, 2014: Three new sets of airchecks have been uploaded: the 1964 KRLA Moon Bounce experiment, an excerpt of Stan Freberg's inspired promos for KRLA, and three 30-minute shows from 1967 by Derek Taylor. Click the airchecks link to enjoy.

Update January 11, 2014: The KRLA Tunedex project has been launched. During 2014 we'll be celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Beatles on American radio. Each week we'll post a copy of the KRLA top fifty hits list, so you can follow along as ther British Invasion hits our shores. Click the Tunedex tab above to read along!

Update December 9, 2013: a new KRLA Beat issue, February 12, 1965, has been added as of December 9, 2013. Many thanks to Scott of National Sky Archives for the scan!